Water Filtration Installation Service South Hill

Water Filtration Installation Service - South Hill

While Washingtonians, in general, enjoy an overall clean water supply, our local area does experience limescale buildups that can be reduced significantly with the use of a water filter in Tacoma. For water filtration installation service in South Hill or the greater Seattle area, contact MC Pipemasters today for a free estimate.

We offer and install various types of water filters to ensure that your household and drinking water is pure and clean, and free of odors.

With an installation of a point-of-use water filtration system you can enjoy clean drinking water; or, a whole house water filter to provide quality water running throughout your entire household plumbing system.

Even with an installation of a faucet water filtration system and carbon water filter, as high as 99% of the following harmful chemicals and contaminants can be removed from your tap water:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Chlorine
  • Pesticides
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Microbial cysts

Call MC Pipemasters, LLC today. Whether you choose an under-sink water filter, or a whole property water filter, we can install a system customized to meet your filtration needs.

South Hill Water Filtration System

Water-Filtration-System-South HillA water filtration system is a mechanical device connected to the plumbing in your home or business to remove chemicals, minerals and contaminants from your water.

A water filtration system in Tacoma may fall into one of the following category types:

  • Activated carbon filter for removal of large particles like sediment
  • Reverse osmosis – ability to remove many types of contaminants
  • Alkaline-water ionizers or electrolysis – softer water low in acidity
  • UV filters – destroys various bacteria harmful to your health
  • Infrared filters – good choice for hard water areas

While your water may be odor-free and appear safe, it may actually contain numerous impurities, toxins and bacteria that can make it unsafe for drinking or washing.

Call our office today for additional information or assistance in choosing the best water filtration system to meet your needs.

Whole House Water Filter

Whole-House-Water-Filter-Tacoma-WAA whole house water filter installation connected to the main water line (or point-of-entry) dispenses only treated water throughout your home.

Because the whole house water filter is fitted at the primary water supply prior to entering your home, each faucet, toilet, shower, bath, laundry and kitchen dispenses filter-treated water.

We focus on the following four factors affecting how a whole house water filter in Tacoma will work for you:

  • Flow rate
  • Filter size
  • Port size
  • Life of the filter

We can assist you in finding a whole house water filter system to adequately handle your household water supply.

Call MC Pipemasters, LLC for customizing a whole house water filter system in South Hill to meet your needs. (253) 342-4816