Main Water Line Installation & Repair-Replacement Service Enumclaw

Main Water Line Installation & Repair-Replacement Service Enumclaw

Whether you are constructing a new home, or one of your water lines has sustained damages beyond repair, call us for a new main water line installation & repair-replacement service in Enumclaw and the greater Seattle area.

With the beauty of our trees in this area comes inevitable tree root intrusion requiring a new water line installation. We also deal with the effects of seasonal freezing and thawing that can quickly lead to emergency water line installation in Tacoma.

As professional plumbers serving this area, we have years of experience conducting sophisticated diagnostics to identify broken or damaged water lines.

These are a few indicators suggesting you may need a new water line installation to bring your water line to full working condition:

  • Rubbing, whistling or banging inside the pipes
  • Low water pressure
  • Flooding in your home
  • No access to water
  • Pooling water in your landscape
  • Discoloration in your water

Call MC Pipemasters, LLC for expert water line installation!

Install Refrigerator Water Line Enumclaw

As experienced plumbers, we can install a refrigerator water line in Tacoma and connect it to your plumbing system.

This may be your first refrigerator with an ice maker and no accessible water line running to the refrigerator. We can efficiently install a refrigerator water line to connect your new ice maker to the nearest cold water pipe.

In the event that your existing water line is showing signs of old age and beginning to leak, you can call us to install a refrigerator water line replacement. Following the new install of a refrigerator water line, we can test the icemaker unit by making several batches of ice to ensure there are no leaks, and to eliminate any debris in the water line.

We are the experts to call when you need to install a refrigerator water line or to replace a water line. Call us today!

Water Shut off Valve Enumclaw

A water shut off valve in Tacoma plays an important role in preventing backflow from mixing soiled water with clean water.

We main water shut off valve installations, as well as individual water shut off valves for bathrooms and kitchens that allow you to turn off water at fixtures such as your sink or toilet without using the main shut off valve.

These are a few signs indicating that your main water shut off valve needs replacing:

  • Appearance of a wet foundation
  • A decrease in water pressure throughout your home

Call MC Pipemasters, LLC if you see signs that your main water shut-off valve needs to be replaced in Enumclaw or the greater Seattle area.